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Creativity is the new currency

Creativity is the main skill we need to nurture. 

Creativity is a human trait, everyone possesses it. But some have it sleeping, we just need to wake up our creativity again. 

In this dynamic digital world, the industry is demanding new and extraordinary thinkers and decision-makers. 

Mankind’s development is driven by “outside the box” approaches. We have never been more dependent on unseen decisions. Standards are new, and the known and reliable is no longer working. This digital revolution is changing our lives

We now know that robotization will kill 5-6 million jobs.

There are always that few , that can feel the storm coming, but most of us are inert and will get blown away.

But this inevitable revolution, will also create new niches and businesses, we never considered educating ourselves about. 

Now, small but innovative industries can become trendsetters for the first time in history. You can not rule an industry developed 300 years ago, but you can lead one that is 3-10 years old or one you created with your own imagination. 

In order to stay at flow, we must exercise, to train our imagination as a muscle. By obtaining different knowledge and skills, we will be exercising our imagination. 

Creativity is the fruit of the imagination. 

Sir Ken Robinson

Inspiration and + education are the two things that change the World.

Now a days we all see, live, and use innovations. There is a distinguished connection between creativity and innovation. The wrapped product of creativity is innovation, but first, there was the idea. 

Education steps here hard, because you can not be a breeder of ideas, if you mind is short, if you do not expand in this world with knowledge. 

We may not realise how important we are, with all that AI and robotization, but all of that can and will not function of the human intellect and the urge to create are not manifested. 

In this digital world: 

The biggest asset is humans!

So we are obliged to educate ourselves in the best way, every day and try to create an environment where all is possible. 

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